The German Weather Service, DWD, now provides free access to numerical model output generated by DWD. The Gribs on this site include atmospheric data from the EU nest of the ICON global model. The grid resolution is 7km. Temporal resolution is hourly up to 78 hours and then 3 hourly up to 120 hours.

Gribs are updated twice daily for reference hours 00z and 12z. The updated files should appear about 4.5 hours after the reference time.

The gribs are pre-cut to useful sailing areas and include wave data as well. The wave data is from the DWD European WAM wave model at similar resolution.

The grib are in GRIB2 format with internal C3 or Jpeg compression, therefore there is no need for external compression such as Bzip2. These gribs can currently be read in XyGrib and in the latest Grib Plugin for openCPN and in qtVlm.

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