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openWRF forecasts include 2 thunderstorm indicators - CAPE & LI in "Charts" & "Wind & Wave" Show me more

Sea current forecast is now included in all openWRF Gribs

Higher resolution Gribs available for Entire Med

wrf index map2Higher resolution grib files for the entire Med are now available for free download on this site. These are in 12km and 4km resolutions.

To the WRF Gribs

Skiron Grib files provided by:


High freq. openSkiron Grib files - 0.1 deg, every 1 hour for 2 days

Filename Size Date & Time
A Compressed file Adriatic_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 2.2 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:34
A Compressed file Aegean_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 2.65 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:30
A Compressed file Azov_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 952.11 KB 2016-10-27 04:47:49
A Compressed file Baleares_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 3.52 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:38
A Compressed file Black_E_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 2.49 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:47
A Compressed file Black_W_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 2.64 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:45
A Compressed file Crete_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 3.03 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:28
A Compressed file Cyprus_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 3.36 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:26
A Compressed file Ionian_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 2.17 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:32
A Compressed file Malaga_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 2.62 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:41
A Compressed file Riviera_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 3.44 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:40
A Compressed file Sicily_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 3.18 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:36
A Compressed file Tunisia_hifreq_SKIRON_WAM_271016.grb.bz2 1.91 MB 2016-10-27 04:47:43

Limited Bandwidth?

Get light weight openWRF & openSkiron Gribs via to your email without the need to browse the web.   How is this done?

What it's all about

It's about the belief that quality weather resources should be free and open for the sailing community. It's also about the fact that free download of high resolution output from regional forecast models is not easily available. 

Free and open download of high resolution GRIB files from regional models, is available on this site provided that the use is not commercial. The entire Mediterranean is covered with OpenSkiron and OpenWRF Gribs.

It is possible to view the GRIB files in zyGrib (v6.24 and up), the GRIB plugin for OpenCPN, uGrib and ViewFax.

The site is expanding to include examples on GRIB file usage including Weather Routing. Focus will be on supporting open source tools and free and open weather resources.


Grib file viewing & WR software

For PC:

For Android:

For iOS


  • First and foremost thanks to Professor George Kallos of the University of Athens, Department of Physics, Atmospheric Modelling and Weather Forecasting Group. Professor Kallos kindly agreed to share the output set of the Skiron Arithmetic Forecasting Model as well as the WAM wave model. Link to the UOA forecast pages.
  • Greetings to the team at zyGrib for rapidly adapting zyGrib to visualize the Skiron based Grib files available here. zyGrib is undoubtedly among the better Grib readers available and it is free & open source. The newest version of zyGrib is available at
  • Thanks to Robert Rozumalski, the Wizard at NOAA/NWS Science and Training Resource Center for wrapping and supporting EMS-WRF in such a way that even a dumb sailor can set up and run a weather prediction model. Click here and find out what it is all about.
  • Credits to E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information for freely providing Mediterranian sea current forecasts and allowing generation of a derivative set. Sea current forecasts are now included in openWRF Gribs.

The meteorological contents of this site, both those produced by this site and those of third parties, are exclusively the output of numerical weather prediction models and include no analysis or official forecast. The contents are provided only on an 'as is' basis and also on an 'as available' basis without warranties of any kind as to the fitness, accuracy, completeness or timliness of the content. The user alone bears the risks that may derive from usage of the content. The user acknowleges that weather forecast data should always be compared between several different sources.

Creative Commons License
WRF weather forecast datasets by are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Resources on this site will always be free and open with no commercialization. However, operating costs of the small server farm are not trivial.

If you found the site useful, please share in the effort and help keep us up and running

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